'FAMOUS AND HIDDEN' COTSWOLDS 名所と穴場の個別プランのコッツウォルズ 

The Cotswolds are full of famous tourist locations, as well as hidden areas of beauty – and one of the purposes of our tours is to combine the ‘famous’ and the ‘hidden’ in a single tour which takes you where the tour buses cannot go. We can offer a personalised one-day tour, or more usually a tour of two to three days.  
Based on what you want to see, we will recommend staying either in the North Cotswolds or the South Cotswolds, although the beauty of a two or three day tour is that it allows visitors to fully explore the best sights of both the North and South Cotswolds. 
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If it’s Cotswold villages you are most interested in, or beautiful gardens… let us know what you want to see and we will recommend an itinerary for you: we know everywhere in the area!  
If the Cotswolds are a place you are coming a long way to see properly, then it is worth making sure you go to the places you will enjoy the most, with a personalised tour.  
Of course there are a lot of advantages to a bus tour, and they do allow visitors to get a flavour of the Cotswolds, but they have to stick to a rigid schedule and may not allow visitors as much time in each place as they might want. 
Whether you visit the North or the South Cotswolds there are villages full of stone-built houses, many beautiful manor houses, and stately homes with beautiful gardens, and depending on the time of year we can recommend the best gardens to visit.  
Many Harry Potter filming locations are also in or near the Cotswolds, including Lacock Abbey and Gloucester Cathedral. 
Most visitors come from London in which case there are two main directions to enter the Cotswolds, either from Oxford or via Swindon. Oxford is close to the North Cotswolds, near to the beautiful towns of Burford, Bourton-on-the-Water, Chipping Campden, and Broadway - and from the Oxford direction there are also many beautiful gardens and other attractions which can be visited easily.  
In the south Cotswolds, near Swindon, there is the beautiful city of Bath, and other unmissable towns and villages such as Castle Combe and Tetbury. We can help you to decide the best tour itinerary for you, based on the time of year and depending on what you are most interested in. 
If you only have one day available to see the Cotswolds then you will need to choose which places you would prefer to visit, but a personalised tour schedule means that you are able to fit in much more than you would be able to see with a bus tour.  
We can also make recommendations for you which avoid sightseeing spots that you have already been to if you have visited parts of the Cotswolds before. 


The flowers of the Cotswolds come alive from the spring onwards, and this is a wonderful time to see beautiful English gardens. In summer the days are longer, offering more hours of daylight to explore – and in the autumn even driving from town to town is a highlight because of the beautiful variety of leaf colours along the roads. Even in winter there are beautiful attractions, including Christmas markets and Christmas illuminations in December, and the possibility of being able to tour the beautiful countryside when the fields and trees are covered in snow. 
The Cotswolds at any time of year are a delight, and we will help you make the most of the time you have available, whenever it is during the year. The Four Seasons of the UK each offer a distinct opportunity to see the Cotswolds in a different light, and we can prepare an itinerary for you which matches the season you are visiting in. 
春〜夏、特に3月〜6月は コッツウォルズ中の庭園で 数多くの花々が見頃を迎えます。✳︎花々の開花は年により前後しますので、あくまでも目安とお考えください。 
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Suggested sample tour itineraries are given below, and our tours will take into account the best gardens to visit in each season. Even so, flowers can bloom earlier or later at different times of year and the months given below are intended as approximate guidelines only. 
During spring and summer, especially from March to June, flowers of many kinds will be blooming in abundance throughout every garden in the Cotswolds, in addition to the flowers mentioned here. Please bear in mind that the itineraries below are only suggested plans, and any aspect of a tour including for example the number of days, the hotel location, the order of visiting each destination and the length of time in each place can easily be adjusted according to the wishes of the tour party. 

SAMPLE TOURS モデルプランの案 

Famous and Hidden: North and South Cotswolds (personalised)  
Famous and Hidden, North: North Cotswolds (personalised)  
Famous and Hidden, South: South Cotswolds (personalised) 
Longest Daylight Hours: From mid-May to mid-July 
*Our ‘Famous and Hidden’ tours include a mix of popular sightseeing spots as well as less well-known places to visit.  
名所と穴場:南北コッツォルズ (オリジナルプラン) 
名所と穴場:北コッツォルズ (オリジナルプラン) 
名所と穴場:南コッツォルズ (オリジナルプラン) 
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Four Seasons, Spring Tours: Daffodils, Tulips or Bluebells (personalised)  
Four Seasons, Summer Tours: Roses and Summer Gardens (personalised)  
Four Seasons, Autumn Colours Tours: Gardens and Arboretums (personalised)  
Four Seasons Extra: Christmas illuminations and Christmas markets (personalised)  
Four Seasons, Winter Tours: Snowdrops and pubs with log fires (personalised) 
Longest Daylight Hours: From mid-May to mid-July 
*Our Seasonal Tours are designed to make the most of what the Cotswolds can offer at different times of year. 
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Combination Tour, Shopping: The Cotswolds and shopping outlets (personalised)  
Combination Tour, Harry Potter: The Cotswolds and filming locations (personalised)  
Combination Tour, Castles: The Cotswolds and British Castles (personalised)  
Combination Tour, Cornwall: The Cotswolds and Cornwall (personalised)  
Combination Tour, South Wales: The Cotswolds and South Wales (personalised) 
Longest Daylight Hours: From mid-May to mid-July 
*Our Combination Tours are designed to cover a wider variety of locations, usually with a minimum duration of 3 days per tour. 
Please get in touch if you would like to find out more or want to make a booking. 
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