The UK is lucky to have many beautiful national parks and walking routes, but the enduring popularity of the Cotswolds is a testament to the charm of its villages and countryside, with the added benefit that it is of easy reach for anyone visiting London. 
The best way to visit the Cotswolds is with a personalised tour, and we are able to offer you a dedicated guide who lives in the Cotswolds and knows the whole area – so he is able to tailor an itinerary for any visitors in order to make the most of the time they have available. 
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Personalised tours are ideal for people who only have a short time to see as much of the Cotswolds as possible, and normally on our tours our guide is able to accompany visitors for relaxed tours of one, two, three, or more days, creating an itinerary which matches what our visitors want to see. 
Although many bus tours of the Cotswolds are available, a personalised tour allows visitors to choose where they want to visit and how long they want to spend in each location. 
A personalised tour is also ideal for people who have been to the Cotswolds before, because this offers visitors the opportunity to choose new places to explore. 
Our tours specialise in making it possible for visitors to see less well-known or ‘hidden’ parts of the Cotswolds, as well as the most famous sightseeing spots. In addition to this we can combine a trip to the Cotswolds with a visit to another part of the UK as part of your tour. 
We can pick you up from any hotel, or directly from an airport or station. From Heathrow Airport you can be in Oxford within only about one hour, or from Bristol airport you can reach Bath in about 45 minutes. 
In this way you can start exploring the Cotswolds on the same day as your flight arrives. Our guide is Dan Lamb, who was born in London and now lives in Cheltenham. Since he is also fluent in Japanese, our tours are available not only in English but also in Japanese. 


Our personalised tours are designed especially for people of any nationality who only have a short time to see as much of the Cotswolds as possible, or anyone who wants to explore parts of the Cotswolds that they haven’t been to before. Our guide is Dan Lamb, who enjoys bringing the Cotswolds alive for anyone who is visiting for the first time or the umpteenth. 
Dan lives in Cheltenham, and particularly enjoys being able to use his own insider knowledge of the area to make recommendations which mean visitors can get the most out of their time in the Cotswolds. His versatility as a guide means that he can also take visitors to hidden corners of the Cotswolds, away from the most popular tourist routes. 
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Dan says, “The Cotswolds is full of beauty, and the fun of being your tour guide is to take you to find whatever it is that you will be most excited to see.” 
If the Cotswolds are a place you are coming a long way to see properly, then it is worth making sure you go to the places you will enjoy the most, with a personalised tour, and Dan enjoys working with visitors to make sure everyone gets more time in the places they most want to visit, without needing to stick to the rigid schedule of a bus tour. 
As well as being fluent in Japanese, Dan also speaks French, and trained previously as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. This means he is used to speaking in clear and understandable English for visitors to the UK who are not native speakers of English. Following on from his background as an English teacher, both in the UK and working for four years in Japan, he also now works with companies in and near the Cotswolds as a Business Training Consultant, and he is able to incorporate English lessons and English ‘check-ups’ into a personalised tour itinerary if requested. 


The UK is full of opportunities for tours and sightseeing. There is natural beauty all over the UK, including Scotland, the Lake District, Wales, or Cornwall. We can put together any combination of requests in a schedule that works for you including shopping stops, country houses, gardens, museums, golf, fishing, beaches, national parks, or any other attraction or activity, because our tours are personalised and they can be tailored entirely to your preferences. 
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Our tours are normally based on a two-day or three-day itinerary, but we can work together with you for any different length of stay. If you book in advance with us we can be flexible regarding any kind of schedule and during a tour itself we are also able to make changes if necessary based on your requirements. 
The reason for the popularity of the Cotswolds is that it is so near to London and it is easy for tourists to visit. In a 3-day tour from London it is possible to visit places such as the Lake District or Cornwall, but they are much further away and so the time spent travelling is longer. A 3-day tour of the Cotswolds, however, would enable visitors to enjoy sightseeing on all 3 days. 


当ツアーを担当するのは、日本語が堪能なDan Lamb(ダン)です。ダンは ロンドンで生まれ、日本で4年暮らしました。10年以上、イギリスに駐在の日本人を対象に英会話教室を主宰していました。卒業生は 500人以上にのぼり、教室での会話から、日本人の皆さんに人気の場所などにも詳しくなりました。 
さらに ダンは、コッツウォルズの町に住んでいるので 地域の知識を駆使し コッツウォルズ観光をご満足いただけるものにいたします。ハイシーズンには観光客で賑わうコッツォルズですが、混雑した街中を回避しながらスムーズにご案内するなど臨機応変に対応できるのも、ダンのプランならではです。 
Please get in touch if you would like to find out more or want to make a booking. 
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